World’s Largest Gold Ring !

Going 2 years and still there are so many things to discover from this rich country. I remember when I was a kid,collecting encyclopedias and of course, The Guinness Books is part of that sale or offer and it’s a grab to learn the worlds most unique and amazing discoveries. Never I even though I…

Early Vacation. Kamusta ang bagong Boracay?

Boracay known best to tourist was closed for months due to rehabilitation and ofcourse illegal infrastructures that poisoned it’s crystal water and white sandy beach. Not just the beach but before if you happen to read my past blog,I’ve talked about how inappropriate it was and honestly I was shookt about the so called night…

Experiencing Global Village Dubai

It’s been a long time since I haven’t had my hands over these keyboard and glad that today and the previous days had been a very productive day for me. Base on the titled as what you’ve read it , I’m gonna share with you our experience for the 1st time going to their famous…

The Grand Mosque

Finally the last place on our itinerary “The Grand Mosque.” So proud of urselves for making it up to this majestic place even before the night consumes the beautiful sunset that gives this place a transitioning hues of the sky making the mosque looking more divine with its white and gold color. We’ve been always…

The quest

Still stunned by what I’ve seen inside the Emirates Palace, my soul just cannot contain how pleasing to the eyes these ginormous masterpiece that glint from the warm rays of the sunset just in front of us. The “Etihad Towers”,the capital city of the United Arab Emirates features a hote/ residential area, office spaces and…

Off to see some Raptors!

  It’s now going to be my second time trying their Cinema here in Abu Dhabi and today we are off to watch the “Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom” with my friends


It’s been past a month now since we arrived here in Abu Dhabi and so far so good things are handled perfectly well. I get to earn and meet new friends and as days passed by I get to meet more of them which I knew would have mark in my life with something I…


No one knows what may come the next month or so and that’s how life is. You just need to know the rule and follow the obliged precautions to win the game.


Binondo, known for it’s Chinese Infrastructures and the oldest Chinatown in the country is the perfect place to check out for the upcoming Chinese New Year this 2018.

Land of a Tragic Love Story

perfect place for those who wanna relax, get some fresh air and the highlight is the sulfuric water that’s very therapeutic for people with achy problems like rheumatism.