My 1st christmas in UAE.

Sad to say christmas is a bit different from what I’m used to at home. The cold province breeze, sparkly lights, out of tune christmas carols of children, Simbang Gabi and ofcourse who would forget how good it is to eat that”BIBINGKA” on your way home. I was at first puzzled how would everything turn…

Once in a while

Things had been crazy for quite some time now and changes where forseen as either good nor bad for me or for us. Life was easy and hard, but being in a ground where you are not the master of your time might be for sure depressing especially that you yourself know how far your…

The 1001 Ways…

Lemme say as a start that I’m not totally and honestly a book type of person. It sucks right! But that’s true so never judge me that I do not know a thing because this little brain of mine is brilliant. Yes,I do study but sci fi and romantic books do give so much interest…

Got me ConVincci

So happy that I found this two cute pair of platforms from VINCCI!

Flexible styling + harm free hair.

The “crowning Glory” as what we called it is needs to be polish and maintained healthy  always but using tons of chemical, styling products and tools can  mostly do such horror to your hair which honestly I am very guilty also.


“Friendship is not about being inseparable, but about being separated and knowing nothing will change.”


Binondo, known for it’s Chinese Infrastructures and the oldest Chinatown in the country is the perfect place to check out for the upcoming Chinese New Year this 2018.

IG best Nine of 2017 ♥

Instagram is one of the top highest rave social media platforms nowadays especially with the aesthetic game going on. I salute those people with their creativity and how they can maintain their feed with such a good aesthetic. I consider it as something like an art book  that gives me so much Ideas, brings out…

Land of a Tragic Love Story

perfect place for those who wanna relax, get some fresh air and the highlight is the sulfuric water that’s very therapeutic for people with achy problems like rheumatism.