Unboxing the Sony FDRX3000 Action Cam! waterproof!

Please excuse as this is my first time to do an unboxing with a tech stuff. Mainly I do makeup so this is new to me. However I love trying them especially discovering what it has to offer and see the output comes to life through my vlogs. It makes me really happy more than…

Mukbang with friends + Q & A.

Finally after such a long time that this platform of mine was very inactive lately, got the chance to finally upload my 1st ever Mukbang vlog! We all know this kind of videos had been all around youtube from delish dishes to unhealthy with lots of kalokohan that come with it.  “Mukbang” is where you…

Unexpected na pangyayari + hotel staycation.

It’s a bit late for this vlog I guess but then I wanna thank Rax and my circle of friends for the fun things that we share and especially to our birthday girl which really deserve all the unexpected graces that day.  

She’s Finally here!

I was thinking now how me and Sue came up with the idea of wanting to work here in UAE .I just can’t remember the reason behind this partnership but for sure someone was behind this motivation of ours and how we were so eager to pass the exam and all. If you’re the reason…

My 1st christmas in UAE.

Sad to say christmas is a bit different from what I’m used to at home. The cold province breeze, sparkly lights, out of tune christmas carols of children, Simbang Gabi and ofcourse who would forget how good it is to eat that”BIBINGKA” on your way home. I was at first puzzled how would everything turn…

Sephora Collection Concealer

So I went over to Sephora just to have some window shopping and while looking over different brand and what they might offer, this concealer just grab my attention. I didn’t bought it just out of nowhere but because I’ve heard and read great reviews about this product and so I just had to try…

Got me ConVincci

So happy that I found this two cute pair of platforms from VINCCI!

Healthy Cravings

The flavor is jut right and it’s really something that I can honestly binged on especially if you don’t want to gain much weight or if you’re on a diet. Their drinks are to die for!


No one knows what may come the next month or so and that’s how life is. You just need to know the rule and follow the obliged precautions to win the game.