Sephora Collection Concealer

So I went over to Sephora just to have some window shopping and while looking over different brand and what they might offer, this concealer just grab my attention. I didn’t bought it just out of nowhere but because I’ve heard and read great reviews about this product and so I just had to try…

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Sheet.

Face mask nowadays had been part of everyone’s night ritual even guys do so. A lot of brands had been offering various Mask that comes in simpler forms, high end gold mask, cute character mask, organic and alot where you can choose from depending on your skin’s need. The Face Shop which is known for…

Peripera’s Lip Gloss review

Peripera had been known to have the best line of Korean makeup. They’ve been crave by everyone especially those who wanna achieve that Kpop look that showcase a fresh healthy looking face. Together with my last purchase and review, the Clio Kill Cover Cushion Foundation, I bought these two lip glosses that I’ve been eyeing…

♥UV’s out, youthful skin in!

But one way to have that youthful glow, avoid the early fine lines and pigmentation is to take into consideration your skin care routine especially protecting your skin from dangerous radicals that you might not be aware as of today and by the time it’s too late

Hustle Bustle

A Busy Bee would be the perfect description for myself these past couple of days.

Never let the child in you sleep ♥

♥Yesterday’s Homily was all about the upcoming Cultural Festival  ” DINAGYANG” in honor of ST. Nino and the arrival of the Malay here in Panay, Philippines. Not every country can celebrate such occasion according to the priest  because the Philippines is the only country that the Pope granted and given the permission to held such…

Bloody Riot

Now as promise! Here is another inspiration for you to sport out on your Halloween parties! This will be again a very very easy one and don’t worry if you don’t get the makeup right because the messier the better.