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Handbag organizer travel bag insert liner cosmetic – Seller DUBKART – 12.49 AED Waterproof travel makeup cosmetic organizer toiletry storage bag pouch round cylinder – PInk – Seller EAST MOON TRADING- 5.59 AED Camkix Camera Shutter Remote Control- Seller ECO- FUSED UAE- 29.99 AED 6 pcs Travel Set luggage organizer-(Seller E- WINNER-)22.92 AED 10″ selfie…


Can I just say that I still can’t believe I survive those rides and it’s a bucket list to cross out. Although too bad I didn’t film much and capture more photos to show you of our adventure. It’s something that ‘s overwhelming seeing things from the magazine and hearing those places that now you…

H&M Infinite Impact Eye Colour !

I’ve been wanting to add some eye shadows over my makeup collection here in UAE and while scanning thru some¬† racks of clothes at H&M, these caught my eye.¬† The packaging is catchy well obviously because of the gold detailing and it’s on sale! So if you’ve read my previous post or on the other…

Got me ConVincci

So happy that I found this two cute pair of platforms from VINCCI!

Taking a glimpse

Being a foreign in a foreign country, it is a must that at least you must be and should be aware of their culture, history and traditions especially that you get to wake up every morning on their own territory. Their’s a lot of questions circling my head every now and then, so sometimes there are times you cannot exactly find the right answers to your own queries even on Google.