Rapples Corner Clothing Try On Haul / Sprinkled Thoughts

Hi guys and welcome back to my channel! So here I am again with another clothing haul and this time all of these came from RAPPLES CORNER. Wanna grab the same tops I ordered? check their IG online shop https://www.instagram.com/rapplescorner/ https://www.facebook.com/rapplescorner/ ____________________________________________ ❤️Follow me : Facebook : sprinkled thoughts Instagram: simplyzelle Blog: https://sprinkledthoughtsblog.com/ Email :…

Thrifted and Online clothing Haul/ Sprinkled Thoughts

Hi guys and welcome back to my channel! This is the most exciting video I wanna film btw! I wanna do try on Haul and dress myself and show you how can I mix and match them. If you are here in abu dhabi, mostly you know where the nike outlet is. Just go straight…

Once in a while

Things had been crazy for quite some time now and changes where forseen as either good nor bad for me or for us. Life was easy and hard, but being in a ground where you are not the master of your time might be for sure depressing especially that you yourself know how far your…

The quest

Still stunned by what I’ve seen inside the Emirates Palace, my soul just cannot contain how pleasing to the eyes these ginormous masterpiece that glint from the warm rays of the sunset just in front of us. The “Etihad Towers”,the capital city of the United Arab Emirates features a hote/ residential area, office spaces and…

A taste of royalty

Never in my whole life have I thought of visiting a palace anywhere in this world. It’s like a floating fantasy from my childhood after watching too many princess movies that you somewhat see yourself dress up to go and dance over a huge room with interiors of intricate details and grandiosity. That fantasy just…

Experiencing Louvre Abu Dhabi

It was finally the day that we had been waiting for and our thirsty soul is out to see great wonders and experience UAE’s finest attractions. Being in a work were time is a big questions always, we had to at least shrink in all our planned itinerary for just a day. First on our…

Got me ConVincci

So happy that I found this two cute pair of platforms from VINCCI!

White Obsession ♥

White! Something that signifies purity and cleanliness. Minimalist and blends perfectly to what ever you would want to top it over.

Off to see some Raptors!

  It’s now going to be my second time trying their Cinema here in Abu Dhabi and today we are off to watch the “Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom” with my friends

Taking the blue’s away.

There are  good and bad things about being a loner at times but then that’s when sadness comes to lure you over depressions and all the not so good and negatives vibes that would make you suddenly miss home.