Hi my name is Gizzelle, owner of this blogsite “Sprinkled Thoughts“.
yes! that’s me!!  still with the facial sunburn.

I have a lot of passion for different stuff besides being a nurse which I am very proud of because I earned it the hard way. The hashtag “the struggles are real” I may say yet its all worth it baby and I survived!! OK!! I deserved a pat on the back for that.

Growing up to be a lady (I guess half and half the childish side), It’s really hard to resist and not be influence with the unending change in the bandwagon system of today’s generation especially that social media plays a big role in each and everyone of us in our daily lives may it be a pro or cons for your part.

Years past and I have seen a lot of change. Change in myself, my life, how I connect with other people and a lot more. I was really happy with the outcome yet there are some regrets that I consider lessons in life that I should also be thankful for.

People that have known me since my childhood  would even ask me a bunch of question ( the how, which, what segment) because they where surprised and puzzled that I was now a different person ( the better one) . I being happy with the outcome would answer all their queries with everything I know that is helpful for them and that I believe is right and true. Sharing is loving ,faking is rude.

Makeup, makeup, makeup!! My ever weakness but!! I’m proud to say that I have controlled the urge of panic buying or hoarding. I know I’ts sinful but hey, those little stuff makes us happy (I know you can’t deny that)  like a diamond ring that sparkles in every ladies ring finger during proposals!! ohhh  Such a delightful sight to see !!

Passion for Fashion.I love thrift shopping more than taking hours scanning all isles of clothing rack at the mall. Don’t  judge me for that but I find unique styles and all in there for a good deal. I also do shop new clothes at a bazaar or boutique and yes from branded clothing line also..

Going to places and taking photos takes much of my time always (I tend to eat cold meals in the end or getting nag by my Bf but still love him). I love places that are off from the crowd or with an artistic vibe with it, that gives me a positive energy.

Like my favorite You Tuber Michelle Phan and Bubzbeauty, I wanna be an inspiration to others also. I was inspired of how they talk with a content that strikes you like a bullet where in you feel empowered. I wanna be someone known not with the luxurious living but someone true.

My goal in life is to help empower girls with low self confidence, those who aspire to be better than what they are before but by enhancing what they have , not alter or change what is given to them at birth. I believe that you should really love, know yourself first  and embrace your flaws for not everyone are born the same (even twins do not think or look alike sometimes). FYI not everything you see on every social media may apply to you,true or even exist, so it’s way better to have at least an idea by reading.

Through this blog site, I may be able and start to share with you  my life (experiences and what not), let’s talk about everything you wanna know about beauty stuff, make some reviews on makeup product to know if they are worth your cash or trash , fashion and places that you may or may not have been.

I do still have my You tube channel but uploading for me is quite complicated as of now. Will surely get back on track for filming is fun!!

Sprinkled thoughts will be the start of my goal. To help answer every questions you may have and share to you questions that I have been finding answers too ( that google cannot exactly  answer).

I think that’s all folks!

See you on my 1st blog that will be connected on my Instagram account.

Let’s talk not stalk shall we.


Blogging on.