Celebrating my 30th birthday plus surprises!

Indeed time was clicking by so fast that I just didn’t feel like I’m in my 30’s BTW. Yeah, I age 30 by numbers but the fire of being a youth is still being to clingy that sometimes I just have to slap myself and say, ” Time to be more responsible and independent now,it’s your turn to manage your life appropriately and wisely!” I also wish that this ” youth ” would show up more on my physicals self and wouldn’t leave me but ofcourse we are just humans and aging is part of our being to remind us that time shouldn’t be wasted and also make memories that I may someday share to my children’s.

Starting my 1st day being as one of the “TITA’s” of the society, we finally had the chance now to see the great outdoor and skyscrapper of dubai inside the Famous Burj Khalifa’s 125th floor! It wouldn’t be possible to get such a good deal as honestly the ticket is too expensive btw but of course thanks to my friend Rax, we got our coupons from the metro stations that we did only pay 75 AED each!¬† YES! Coupons at the metro stations, but of course you need to have your EMIRATES ID so that you can avail it and present it over the counter at the entrance of the Burj Khalifa.

See everything that hapend on that day over my vlog below.

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Speaking of friends before I end this blog, I wanna Thank these 4 Gorgeous girls Shari ,Sue, Rax and Jean for the gift of friendship and not just that but because I learn alot from you. To more adventures to us!


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