Product’s I’ve been eyeing for the longest time!

It’s been a long time since I haven’t had any beauty product on my channel and mostly are vlogs .I’m so happy that finally I’m back to reviewing and trying out goodies which I really really love from the 1st place since I joined the youtube community way back before.

As a comeback,I’ll be doing  a small haul of the products I’ve been seeing from my favorite youtubers , new to the market , and others that I would love as a replacement to my makeup that I’ve used up already. Some of them I got from Amazon, physical stores, from a friend and online shop in dubai which is Bitterelladxd on Instgram.

Watch my Haul over my youtube channel below  to see products that I’ve purchased!

  • All covered by anna cay sponge in Black- 40 aed
  • Superface Lights, Camera,Action zoom in mesh cuchion- 175 aed
  • Loreal Infalliable more than concealer in the shade 329 cashew- 60 aed
  • Nyx Powder Puff Lippie in the shade Best buds,Teacher’s Pet and Group Love- 47 aed
  • Mybelline Sensational Liquid matte in the shades 05 Keep it mellow and 04 Easy Berry -219 Php
  • Clay blush from Luna Organics in Autumn and Champagne oganic- 10 aed
  • Dodo interchangeable 5&6 in 1 ceramic curler set-92 aed
  • others in pack will be under my 100 aed makeup challenge


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