World’s Largest Gold Ring !

Going 2 years and still there are so many things to discover from this rich country. I remember when I was a kid,collecting encyclopedias and of course, The Guinness Books is part of that sale or offer and it’s a grab to learn the worlds most unique and amazing discoveries. Never I even though I would see such treasure and it’s humongous in size like ancient treasure from the bottom of the ocean.  You can see different kinds and styles of sparkly  jewelries to your liking even silver craft are available but just be sure to buy from stores rather than people offering them to you like what we’ve experience from those saying they have Pandora charms which honestly is not true. It’s a bit expensive as compared to where we buy ours but possibly because it’s a tourist destination so it’s not a question I guess.

Now Lamer! A one stop place that offers shopping,dinning and fun activities with the beach just within reach from it’s artistic infrastructures and instagrammable walls. It’s also a first time for me trying this unique boba! This kind of pearl is like a round sack filled with juice itself that explodes once you had it chewed. It’s honestly is addicting and hoping they have here from where we are living.

see more from my vlog below.

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