What’s in my Bag + Karaoke session

Before we bid goodbye to our last spare day, we manage to enjoy every time we have as possible as the weather had been on the moody side from the 1st day we check in at Sofitel Hotel Abu Dhabi. The amenities and service of this hotel was amazing! Staffs are approachable, helpful and very friendly. We did not even expect to get an upgraded room from them but then we are very please with that as well the birthday girl herself was very happy. We book our hotel using https://www.booking.com/ phone app. It’s the easiest way around to find hotels within your budget .

Upon checking out we tried another Pinoy buffet Restaurant the ” PULUTAN HOUSE“. Food was amazing especially when you are craving more of the menus we have in our country. They also have a karaoke room upstairs but an open stage for everyone who have the will to sing their hearts out because as we all know, we Filipinos love singing. I wanna thank the staff for entertaining us especially the very talented KUYA which can sing like GARY V.

click the link below to head to my channel and see more of what we have done that day.

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