Mukbang with friends + Q & A.

Finally after such a long time that this platform of mine was very inactive lately, got the chance to finally upload my 1st ever Mukbang vlog! We all know this kind of videos had been all around youtube from delish dishes to unhealthy with lots of kalokohan that come with it.  “Mukbang” is where you film yourself eating such large amount of foods while interacting with your viewers also. I first saw this from my favorite pinay youtuber ” AnnaCay” and it’s really a fun thing to do especially when you are eating exotic food or to show other people delicacies that your place could offer.

As for us, because it’s my friends birthday we did something on the sweet side. If you wanna see what we got,then click on the link below to go straight to my youtube channel. Oh and as the title says,we have a Q & A as a twist so you might know a bit of me from this video. If you want to know me better, type your question on the comment section or should I film a 20 facts about me video?

Thank you making up to this point! Follow me on my social media account below and on my youtube channel!

Facebook : sprinkled thoughts
Instagram: simplyzelle


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