She’s Finally here!

I was thinking now how me and Sue came up with the idea of wanting to work here in UAE .I just can’t remember the reason behind this partnership but for sure someone was behind this motivation of ours and how we were so eager to pass the exam and all. If you’re the reason behind this my friend ,yes you!¬† who are reading this, please enlighten me.

We would stay up late at our house and mind bugging solve all this technical stuff of uploading our documents to shifting internet browsers and finding the right versions of chrome. Come to think about it, we even almost check out all the internet shops around the city of Iloilo from malls to small shops. Finally after all our struggles and us departed in separate ways for more than a year, congratulations for making it through and welcome here in Abu Dhabi!

This is not also possible without a help from a friend which we are so so THANKFUL for. Ms. Zen if you happen to read this blog, we are so grateful for the help you’ve given us.

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