Early Vacation. Kamusta ang bagong Boracay?

Boracay known best to tourist was closed for months due to rehabilitation and ofcourse illegal infrastructures that poisoned it’s crystal water and white sandy beach. Not just the beach but before if you happen to read my past blog,I’ve talked about how inappropriate it was and honestly I was shookt about the so called night life boracay offer. It was alive and colorful, too many activities from bars, to parties along the shorelines,beautiful lighted sandcastles, fire dancers but what’s sad about it is the unbelievable prostitution. Don’t get me wrong but I think all activities was enough that this kind of stuff had to submerged somehere just so the island is full of tourist and it feels degrading.

Fell free to visit that blog by clicking the link below.

A Sudden Getaway

Now back to the new Boracay! So starting from caticlan we had the car parked safely on some houses who offers their backyard for parking and paid 250/day. It’s a must that you have your hotel booking because it was being checked before you can even purchase your boat ticket. As for your boat ride , you need to pay 100php for terminal fee,75php for environmental fee and 25php for the boat ride itself.The cost going to boracay was way more expensive than going back to caticlan that will cost you only 125 php. We got ouselves an Etrike that cost us 200-300 from the port of boracay to our hotel Fairways and Bluewater Boracay. The price for the hotel  we got was descent and it had it’s own beaches and 6 pools .Check out the vlog below to see more of what we had for the 1st day.


We booked our hotel using Booking.com


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