Once in a while

Things had been crazy for quite some time now and changes where forseen as either good nor bad for me or for us. Life was easy and hard, but being in a ground where you are not the master of your time might be for sure depressing especially that you yourself know how far your capacity to handle things would be. Once in a while you questions yourself if this was a right decisions or not, can I survive the changes or will I be happy?. I believe that nothing comes easy on this earth and everything had to be endured to earn the comfort and pleasure of life.

I didn’t even realize that this would be my last spare time visiting this park near our accommodation. There are alot of good memories to this place like going on an evening jog with my friends,take photos, do some crazy dance, help a stranger who almost fainted due to hypoxia and alot more I guess.We or I even think that we had inspired alot of people to do cardio workout like what we’ve been doing after every jog session. To justify what I’m saying, someone approach my friend and ask if she could have a copy of the workout video that we are following. It’s really heartwarming that sometimes, your small actions are doing a good impact to others.

This place was our little islet of consolation to ease our melancholic soul but too bad Electra, it’s a true farewell  this time.



Outfit details

Dress (thrifted), jelly shoes ( local store at PH for 50php),layered necklace (H&M), bag (call it spring) watch (casio)


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