The Grand Mosque

Finally the last place on our itinerary “The Grand Mosque.” So proud of urselves for making it up to this majestic place even before the night consumes the beautiful sunset that gives this place a transitioning hues of the sky making the mosque looking more divine with its white and gold color. We’ve been always passing by this area ever since I started working here and now that I am standing in front of this holy place, another bucket list from my stay here in Abu Dhabi is cross out.

Everything is so fascinating in here from the pillars, floors, up to their ceilings and having the second most largest chandelier that were incorporated with millions of Swarovski crystals.

One must follow strict rules whenever yo are inside the Mosque by wearing their intended “abaya” from the main entrance, voice should be in moderation, removing your shoes once you’ve entered the mosque,sitting on the floor is not allowed, raising your arms and other more.


A beautiful reflection


Marching over are my friends Jeaniffer, Rax and Shari. This was a stolen shot.


I think that sums up our day trip. It was exhausting but every time spent was valued and cherished.  For the whole day, we rode a taxi as our transportation crossing from one place to the other as we think it would be very efficient for us. They have some tour package promo that you can check over online to see what places would you prefer especially when you are visiting UAE. You don’t have to pay anything here when you are visiting and they have a restaurant just outside the mosque incase you want some snacks or meal to charge yourself up for the trip.

3 places had been cross out of my bucket list for a day. Now I’m thinking of sharing with you a bucket list to what place can I possibly achieve on my stay here in UAE.

Till my next blog!


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