A taste of royalty

Never in my whole life have I thought of visiting a palace anywhere in this world. It’s like a floating fantasy from my childhood after watching too many princess movies that you somewhat see yourself dress up to go and dance over a huge room with interiors of intricate details and grandiosity.

That fantasy just came into reality after being able to visit our second destination which is “THE EMIRATES PALACE”. Well it’s not like your massive kingdom where Prince Charming would come to rescue you. This actually is a luxury hotel and famous for tourist due to its high class interiors furnished in gold and marble. It’s consist of 394 residences including 92 suites and 22 residential suites. They also have a penthouse floor with 6 Ruler’s suites which are reserved exclusively for the royalty.      They also have luxury shops and international restaurants for guess and of course visitors like us were able to see some areas which are accessible for free. This was way off the budget but at least we get to see what we can have for ourselves.

To match up with the royalty theme, I wore another Vintage dress which I believe is perfectly meant for me that day. The Royal blue color together with the details and knot gives me that aristocratic look. I paired it with my Vincci sandals so I could use some height as the dress is a bit long. Use the same bag and accessories for the knot is enough to finish the look I am going for.

A view of the etihad towers just outside the Emirates Palace,





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