Experiencing Louvre Abu Dhabi

It was finally the day that we had been waiting for and our thirsty soul is out to see great wonders and experience UAE’s finest attractions. Being in a work were time is a big questions always, we had to at least shrink in all our planned itinerary for just a day.

First on our list would be the famous “LOUVRE MUSEUM”. The ceiling as you can see explains the name given and it’s a collaboration between the French government where ‘THE LOUVRE”, first largest art museum and historic monument was build. They cater various master works of the greatest artist all throughout the world from thousand of years back in time to the modern and brilliant minds as of today.




Last entry and purchase 30 minutes prior to close.

Saturday/ Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday: 10 am-8 pm

Thursday/ Friday : 10 am-10 pm


Saturday/ Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday: 10 am-10pm

Thursday/ Friday : 10 am-11pm


Saturday/ Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday: 12 am-10 pm

Thursday/ Friday : 12 am-11 pm


Saturday/ Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday: 10 am-8 pm

Thursday/ Friday : 10 am-10 pm

Everyone is allowed to take photos but FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED

For that day, I wanna match my outfit with something vintage looking so I wore this plaid dress (vintage shop)that accidentally matches the mules that I already have. Due to the damage done by the washing machine to its collar, I had to cut it off neatly and top it off with an accent necklace that I got from H&M to spice it up a bit. To give myself some dimensions, I had to use a belt to cut off some length on the dress making it look fitting on me. Other accessories to this outfit are pearl earrings, watch from Casio and bag from Call it Spring. For my look, I opted for that fresh face makeup because the weather was so humid that I cannot stand having to worry about my makeup melting for the entire day.

Incase you are planning to check and visit “LOUVRE”, head over to their facebook account or look for some promos. As for us, we book it online which cost us 30AED each but then they have an ongoing promo where in if one of you buys a ticket, your guess will have a free access.

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