Sephora Collection Concealer

So I went over to Sephora just to have some window shopping and while looking over different brand and what they might offer, this concealer just grab my attention. I didn’t bought it just out of nowhere but because I’ve heard and read great reviews about this product and so I just had to try it out for myself.

This 3.4 ml concealer cost 83 dirhams ( 1,174.15 Php) which is honestly expensive for such a small product.However you might never know if this would be a right buy for you unless you tried it out. So I got mine in the shade #27 Peach Beige because it has a yellow undertone to it and for sure it would definitely be good at covering dark eye circles. They have a wide variety of shades from pink undertones to dark ones so for sure choosing the right tone for you wouldn’t be a problem.

The concealer according to the packaging claims to have a High Coverage which is what we are aiming for and provides a Natural Finish. It is also Buildable,with a weightless texture and mostly long lasting. Sounds good right but let’s test is out.

The packaging is somewhat made of a plastic glass like bottle and because it is clear, you could actually see the true shade of the concealer inside.

The flat doe foot applicator is somewhat big, it is bendable and soft. With the scent, it has a chemically makeup like other products scent. I would surely have a love and hate relationship to this incase I would love the product because honestly, I’m not a fan of this one.

As you can see, it has a yellow undertone and notice the coverage it can offer. Now, with my bare face which is not that good but a perfect one to test out the magic this product have.

A quick recap about me, I am a nurse and dark circles are our biggest investments in life, LOL. Just so you know but mine is not that extreme,I have fine line under my eyes,pimple marks on thy forehead , broken capillaries, redness and discoloration. Please don’t judge me ok.

After applying it over my left under eye, it did covered my dark circles, brighten and even up the discoloration of my skin. Sorry for the bad photo here, I use my phone but next is taken by my Canon M50. Now see how this goes better.

I only used the concealer for my entire face and who would have thought this little guy can go that far. I mostly use the product under my eye but the rest are just dabbing of what is left on my brush and on the amount of product I’ve got. I never use the applicator directly on my skin. I like to transfer a bit of it over my hand then add a bit more. The coverage is very buildable but even at the first application you can actually get a medium coverage from it.The finish is not matte but you need to wait for it to settle down after applying a bit more.Surprisingly this concealer is worth buying even though it might be costly. You get what it claims to offer and a little goes a long way I tell you.

I am not a fan of matte makeup so i just powdered up the sides of my face and set the concealer a bit. I use the Evian spray to set my makeup and VIOLA! It’s perfect!

I don’t find anything negatively to say because it did work for me and I’ve been using this as my go to concealer. I love the coverage that I got and the most important thing is, I didn’t get any break out when using this product. For the longevity, this can stand for almost half a day depending on the environment you are in.

I would definitely buy this one again Incase I ran out of it but I would love some recommendations from you of what other Sephora products you’ve already tried that’s worth buying though.

Oh and I also got a Sephora Wonderful Cushion Face Luminizer. Will also do a review about it so stay tuned 1

Till my next blog!


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