The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Sheet.

Face mask nowadays had been part of everyone’s night ritual even guys do so. A lot of brands had been offering various Mask that comes in simpler forms, high end gold mask, cute character mask, organic and alot where you can choose from depending on your skin’s need.

The Face Shop which is known for being a skin care line Brand had such great offers for customers who are fond of using Face Mask here in Abu Dhabi. When you buy 3 mask you get the same number of mask giving you a total of 6 and then when you take 6 the same thing goes for it too, you get another 6 mask with a total of 12 mask! Oh and by the way, the mask cost 16 AED each.

With such great offer, I got myself a total of 6 as of the moment to try if this would do wonders or not to my skin.

So their face mask undergoes natural grinding extraction process wherein plants are grounded and blended with moisturizing water- based ingredient to create a natural extract. Then the natural adhesive mask formulated with tree extracts clings tightly to skin to infuse it with essence.

So here are what I got depending on what my skin needs the most.


  • Honey ( moisturizing ) (serum type essence)

-this moisturizing and radiance sheet mask with honey extract hydrates dry, flaky skin and leaves it glowing. (packaging details)

– it is a natural antibacterial and full of antioxidants to slow down aging as well boost your complexion (Research)


  • Blueberry ( firming) (serum type essence)

-this sheet mask with blue berry extract creates a firming moisture barrier to revitalize and energize the skin.(packaging details)

-more stronger antioxidants and are packed with Vitamin A, C & E. (Research)


  • Rice ( Brightening) (water type essence)

– this brightening sheet mask softens and brightens rough and darkened skin.(packaging details)

–  a natural skin toner that promotes cell growth, stimulates blood flow and helps keep your skin smooth and bright.(Research)


  • Avocado ( Moisturizing ) (emulsion type essence)

– this moisturizing and nourishing mask hydrates and nourishes skin.(packaging details)

–  rich in fatty acid and excellent for moisturizing the skin(Research)


  • Lemon ( brightening) ( water type essence)

-this mask brightens dull skin to create a radiant look.(packaging details)

– have vitamin C that is a great antioxidant for neutralizing free radicals and boosting collagen production. (Research)


  • Green Tea (hydrating) (water type essence)

-infuses skin with moisture to clarify your complexion.(packaging details)

–  fights skin cancer by promoting DNA repair. Helps kill systemic bacterial inflammation for smoother, toned skin.(Research)


Because my skin badly needs hydration, I chose this Green tea mask first. I was surprise of how soaked it was with the essence. I love that relaxing aroma it comes with. the scent is not over powering and I feel really relax that I woke up late the next day. Haven’t slept that good though.img_7629

The mask was a bit too big for my face but it’s not that bothering and because it is soaked with much essence it tends to slide down, so make sure to relax in your bed so your mask wont go anywhere. I even pat the remaining essence on the mask itself and on my neck.


I had the mask for more than an hour and it even dried up on my face. My skin honestly feels much better and hydrated after and it doesn’t feel itchy after all. Checking over the next day upon waking up, skin is healthier and supple looking which was awesome for an overnight ritual. Well I guess where hoarding a couple of mask starting from now on.

What’s your favorite face mask from the real nature line?

I would love to read your comments.


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