Got me ConVincci

I am honestly in love with heels but there’s an exception to it that I cannot somewhat hoard over them. It’s the height that I consider and the comfort as always. I also would go for platforms because they give my body enough stability and because there are times I have a problem with balance due to having small ankles. With the design and color, I would definitely choose something plain or something not to extravagant looking yet looks fab.

So happy that I found this two cute pair of platforms from VINCCI! I was opting only for the navy one but then the black looks irresistible that I have to give in to the temptation. Don’t worry, they ‘re on sale and why not have two anyway!



All that I am looking for in a sandal are just what these babies are made for. The height,ankle strap,over the toes strap which I highly highly go to,quality, comfort, color and it’s very lightweight! It would look perfect to any outfit may it be casual, lazy and what your preference would be.


Isn’t she a stunner!


top (h&m)  square pants ( Grocery store for 15 aed) Bag ( call it spring) and the sandals of course.
Top (H&) Pants ( thrifted) Bag (same here)

Went to church wearing them in a different day and I say it’s so comfortable! No pain nor bruises on my ankles or feet!

Do you get the same feeling of being strong and powerful whenever you’re wearing heels because I do!

Blogging out!

♥ Gizzelle ♥


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