Peripera’s Lip Gloss review

Peripera had been known to have the best line of Korean makeup. They’ve been crave by everyone especially those who wanna achieve that Kpop look that showcase a fresh healthy looking face. Together with my last purchase and review, the Clio Kill Cover Cushion Foundation, I bought these two lip glosses that I’ve been eyeing for especially I’ve seen my favorite Pinay Youtubers crave also about how good this product is.

So I got two different variant of lip gloss which is the 1st top one below is the Ink Velvet in the shade Dollish Beige Rose and the second bottom is Airy ink Velvet in the shade Dry Rose brown ( frosted bottle).

Both differ in prices where in the Airy velvet cost 59 AED ( around 835 PHP) and the Ink velvet cost 39 AED ( 552 Php ).


I must say that I super love their doe foot applicator for it glides on your lips smoothly without leaving streaks of product and the shape is perfect for those edges around your lips so less mess and cleaning,

Both comes in the shade of pink but  Dollish Beige Rose has that hint of orangey on it that makes it more stand out. It can be bold looking if you build the color as solid as it can be or gradient like Koreans do. On the other hand, Airy ink Velvet in the shade Dry Rose brown shows a kind of pinky Mauve color, subtle but buildable however not as strong as the other one and perfect for that easy to go and everyday lip color.

For the application, the Ink velvet alone  glides well on your lips but better than other brands while the Airy ink velvet had that smooth velvety soft feeling to it. Honestly, I cannot get over this one whenever I apply it over my lips. Both of them dries matte after a couple of minute or you can blot with a tissue.

See below photos for the outcome of the lip glosses after application and after a couple of minutes.

Dollish Beige Rose
Dry Rose brown
After the gloss dries up matte and blotted.
Kiss and transfer proof and rub several times.


So above, I used my Garnier makeup remover for waterproof makeup and still the gloss stayed after several times of rubbing. I even had rubbed off the dry patches on my lips.


♥The product itself is amazing showing good color payoff that can be built from the simplest to the most bold color you wanna achieve.

♥Glides perfectly and has that sweet candy fruity scent to it.

♥Doesn’t taste chemically ill like other products.

♥Longevity is fair and I believe is worth the buy.

♥Small amount of product goes a long way.

♥Very handy and the packaging is made of thick plastic.

♥Feels smooth on your lips but better exfoliate or prep your lips with a hydrating balm if the dryness is too much  or else it will settle and dry you lips more.

If I would rate the product after my verdict, I would give this a


Will I purchase again?

Absolutely yes but the shades available here online ( are limited though.


If you had tried other shades, what can you recommend me? hit it over the comment section below.



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