Clio Kill Cover Cushion ♥

My recent foundation had been giving me some break outs lately and well it’s coming to near end. I had to purchase a replacement before I even ran out of something to justify my dull face, well of course I love love my skin but there are times at least you wanna look decent and not scare people with you’re zombie face. You know how sleep deprived nurses are.

I was opting for something healthy looking and well not matte because I don’t like how it makes my face flat and well dry. Cushions had been rave products by everyone especially those from Korea. It gives your face a healthy glow and color plus easy application for that instance touch up when you need one.

I’ve check also some physical stores but their range of shade are way too pale or pinkish for my skin tone, so I head on my last resort which is online shopping.


I’ve did a lot of research among the best cushions and so far, this CLIO KILL COVER is one of the top go to cushions by every one. I got this for 99 AED ( less than Php 1500) from an online shop called SOUQ here and recieve it already by the next day which is amazing! It comes in a sturdy box with the product itself inside and an extra refill!


The sponge is so soft and blends the product well by using a patting motion for applying. Slightly press the sponge over the cushion to get enough product at first then once you’ve already manage the amount you want then you can gradually build the coverage.

perfect shade for me.


The formula is not creamy nor watery and it doesn’t have that strong scent to it. Coverage is buildable but not full coverage. When applied, it has that small shimmers on it but too fine to see that gives you a healthy glow. Not sticky even when you sweat alot but you can set it with powder if you like.


Over all I love it!  I am amaze that after a day or hours of using it, it make my skin more and more healthier looking as if you haven’t had something on your face. It also doubles as a sun protection with an Spf of 50+ PA +++ so you get beauty and protection in one!

My friends had already tried and purchase their own and they are loving it also. I swear by this product and would definitely purchase more.

Had you tried it also? Can you suggest what other great cushions I can try?

Blogging out!



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