H&M Infinite Impact Eye Colour !

I’ve been wanting to add some eye shadows over my makeup collection here in UAE and while scanning thru some  racks of clothes at H&M, these caught my eye.  The packaging is catchy well obviously because of the gold detailing and it’s on sale! So if you’ve read my previous post or on the other blogs, I remember mentioning that sale is like a trend here so you gotta check them every now.

I love how big they are! You get 2g of well pigmented powder shadows and chose from different shades consisting of neutrals, eye popping or dark shades. The only downside of this is the container made of plastic,so better find a place to secure it properly or else it would be a total dismay seeing those pigments smash into pieces.


Darkest of what I’ve purchased and because I think the shade Cup of Joe would be perfect for setting my eyebrows which it really did! ♥
Act your Beige is a matte shade of subtle brown good for warming you eyes and contouring your nose!
Sahara Caravan is mostly like your champagne shade but a tad bit warmer. The shimmer is very fine and not too sparkly when applied over your eyes and would do as a highlighter too.
Swatches: (L-R)  Cup of Joe, Act your beige and Sahara Caravan.

Got this on a different day and because I wanna try peach makeup!


It doesn’t have much fall out when applied and feels creamy when use by fingers  for applying.

Now I’m thinking of buying more in case they are still available. Would surely share it over my IG.

Blogging out!

♥ Gizzelle ♥


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