Off to see some Raptors!

June 22, 2018.     

  It’s now going to be my second time trying their Cinema here in Abu Dhabi and today we are off to watch the “Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom” with my friends. What’s good with distressing and taking a time out is paying your movie tickets for such a low price. Using ADCB Credit card, you can avail the buy one take one promo of any movies you like at any VOX Cinemas of your preference, so ours is at Marina Mall.You just need to fill up some questions and private details,book your movie and pay your ticket with your credit card! Once you’ve arrived at the cinema, print out your tickets and get your free Popcorn ! It is also my first time trying their VOX Cinema here on 3D.


four tickets and 1 for our free Popcorn!
A free popcorn is like winning a lottery ticket.




Comfy Outfit details:

Long sleeves top (thrifted), pants (thrifted), sling bag ( Aldo), watch (Casio) and Mule shoes ( local store here in Abu Dhabi).

The movie was really enjoyable, funny, yet I feel really really  sad for the dinosaurs especially when the last brontosaurus was running for it’s life at the port yet didn’t made it and was swallowed by the creeping magma. I cannot contain my tears seeing that part for I feel like it’s shouting to the boat ” Save me!”, but then that’s just a movie of course.

However, thinking about the struggles they’ve gone through way back during their time still  breaks my heart but I just have to be thankful that I am currently living in this era, a millennial.

Did you feel the same way as I did?

Blogging on!

♥ Gizzelle ♥




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