N°7 Eyeliner and Mascara Review

For today’s blog , I’m going to do a review about these two new products for me which is made from Germany , the N°7 Eyeliner and Mascara.

I was supposedly going to purchase the same brand of mascara and eyeliner from the brand which I know works well for me but of course being a beauty blogger, there are times that you wanna wander off to other brands and well why not give them a try to test out if it would work fine for you and so here’s why I got these two goodies. I was also convinced by the SA about the mascara and it’s a buy one take one promo also so better get the liner with it. Both product cost 80 AED or less than 1200 Php.


The packaging for both is made up of plastic, very light weight and mostly like your ordinary liners and mascara. Both will expire after 6 months of opening and usage. Doesn’t have any special scent to it and both caps have a caution to “avoid using this product if you happen to have an injured, infected and irritated eyes’ so sharing is a no no especially you really need to consider hygiene over your personal stuff.

 N° 7 Extravagant Volume Mascara

This 9 ml Mascara as what is written on the product claims to provide Extravagant loading of product for luxurious volume, coats every lashes from root to tips and Hypo-allergenic. I’ve also notice that the wand doesn’t have equals sets of bristles and quiet thin.


 N° 7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner

Claims to provide long lasting liner perfect for graphic detailing with a weightless comfortable finish in carbon black for extreme color and Hypo- allergenic. Contains 1.6 g of  product.


“My Verdict”



  • ideal for those who have long lashes or who want to have normal looking lashes or or not too dramatic.
  • doesn’t have a hard time washing it off or get your lashes pulled out.


  • the bristles are too thin that I mostly get less product on the wand even when applying over my lashes.
  • I have to apply several coats of it or wait until it dries up in order to avoid clumps of product on my lashes.
  • lashes doesn’t look extravagant as what it claims to provide.
  • not waterproof so I have to cover my eyes when applying a setting spray.
  • easily smudge



  • the felt tip is honestly decent. it’s so easy  to manage or create a wing liner.
  • you get enough product and doesn’t spill out much content.
  • smudge proof when let dry.


  • it is not waterproof as it smudge when I spray a setting spay.
  • it doesn’t dry that fast
  • not carbon black as what it claims.
honestly blurry but as you can see it’s not that glam looking on my eyes.

Would I purchase these again?

Honestly No but then if you have tried out other product from them like foundation or lipsticks, please do comment down below for I would love to know which Item from this brand works wonders.

Blogging on!

♥ Gizzelle ♥

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