Peripera’s Lip Gloss review

Peripera had been known to have the best line of Korean makeup. They’ve been crave by everyone especially those who wanna achieve that Kpop look that showcase a fresh healthy looking face. Together with my last purchase and review, the Clio Kill Cover Cushion Foundation, I bought these two lip glosses that I’ve been eyeing…

Clio Kill Cover Cushion ♥

My recent foundation had been giving me some break outs lately and well it’s coming to near end. I had to purchase a replacement before I even ran out of something to justify my dull face, well of course I love love my skin but there are times at least you wanna look decent and…

H&M Infinite Impact Eye Colour !

I’ve been wanting to add some eye shadows over my makeup collection here in UAE and while scanning thru some  racks of clothes at H&M, these caught my eye.  The packaging is catchy well obviously because of the gold detailing and it’s on sale! So if you’ve read my previous post or on the other…

Got me ConVincci

So happy that I found this two cute pair of platforms from VINCCI!

White Obsession ♥

White! Something that signifies purity and cleanliness. Minimalist and blends perfectly to what ever you would want to top it over.

Off to see some Raptors!

  It’s now going to be my second time trying their Cinema here in Abu Dhabi and today we are off to watch the “Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom” with my friends