Taking the blue’s away.

Honestly, being homesick is not my kind of thing because First, I’m used to being alone as I am the eldest in the family so I know how to live my life independently and  Second,I’m the only daughter with two brothers that’s why I am use to growing up playing alone or being all by myself, kinda introvert at times but hey not antisocial at all.

There are  good and bad things about being a loner at times but then that’s when sadness comes to lure you over depressions and all the not so good and negatives vibes that would make you suddenly miss home.

When life gets pretty bad and confusing for me, the only answer to take my blue’s away is by attending the mass and definitely reflect over the priest sermon. It’s really a great help especially when your spirit need some uplifting because our only defense against what is weakening us down is to have a sturdy mind and spirit. Never neglect someone that keeps you going everyday, the one whom we thank that we are still alive.



Outfit details

Dress ( thrifted), shoes ( local chinese store in the philippines), watch ( casio), bag ( call it spring)

Depression also is not just a small issue nowadays especially to people who are far away from home. Never hesitate to help someone whom your know their paths are far from what is intended to them.

That’s my source of happiness and what keeps me going everyday.

What’s yours? ♥

Blogging on!


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