Taking a glimpse

Being a foreign in a foreign country, it is a must that at least you must be and should be aware of their culture, history and traditions especially that you get to wake up every morning on their own territory. There’s a lot of questions circling my head every now and then, so sometimes there are times you cannot exactly find the right answers to your own queries even on Google. Getting yourself  even into the basics of being knowledgeable of what they have will at least give you a step up of  like, why they do have this, do this and a lot more questions that could possibly  find it’s own distinct explanation. Gladly,  like the English Idiom say ” A picture is Worth a Thousand Words”, you just have to recognize and appreciate every piece of it for way back in time photos are such a tricky process to achieve and it is a privilege to be able to witness how things happen in the past with all the success that brings them to what they are now today.

I was only a tiny particle that time.


Craft and artistry are such talents gifted to these people from the smallest to the biggest possible things you can see here in Abu Dhabi. This guy made all these masterpiece using leather and his own two bare hands! From jewelries made from copper and crystals to wall decors, key chain, purses,wallets etc.


“Style Diary ♥”




I love bags with many compartments because they give my stuffs the organization they need. This bag fit’s my Iphone 8 plus on the front compartment, cash and cards in the middle and random stuff at the back part.


White flannel long sleep top ( Thrifted), black satin spaghetti top ( thrifted), Nine West slip on shoes ( Brand for Less) and Velvet sling bag ( Golden Tower).

Been away for quite a long time so I’m making up to fill in the missing days that I’ve been MIA.

Blogging on!


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