Flexible styling + harm free hair.

The “crowning Glory” as what we called it is needs to be polish and maintained healthy  always but using tons of chemical, styling products and tools can  mostly do such horror to your hair which honestly I am very guilty also. I was always a fan of having my hair rebonded at the salon and self dyed monthly especially when the roots are starting to show off. Ofcourse I am very aware of the risk and consequences I am going to have but still I persistently do the same routine over and over again until I realize that my hair was loosing it’s natural shine and life.

Now it’s been a year or more I guess that I haven’t went to a salon to get my hair treated just so I wanted it to have a break from all the torture and messed I gave it. I have a very thick hair plus the strands are thick also and drying my hair takes so much time especially when I just let it dry on it’s own that I sometimes sleep with a damp hair.

I first saw this kind of Blow Brush at my patient’s house and I was amaze how quickly it dried her hair but still retaining the shine it have.

So I bought mine which I got on sale  for  less than 150 AED from the mall and it’s the Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA31-w.  They have the single blower brush alone and the 4 in one blower brush which I didn’t opted to. The Manufacturer was from Osaka Japan and the brand itself had been in the industry for such a long time so it’s trusted.


I  love that you don’t need to have a separate brush and blower for both of your hand and it come with a cool mode also. It’s very light weight and the cable wire is long enough for those distant sockets. I like the combination of white and blue colors which looks clean. You could also see in the box the achieved styles you’ll be having for each attachment. I personally prefer having my hair dried straight or have the ends curved.img_2374

Inside the box you’ll get the Main body attached to the cord itself, a Blower Brush, Roller Brush and an Air Brush. Don’t worry the bristles are flexy and soft with the air iron made of ceramic. It’s very handy and easy to use.


It also have a quieter 59dB operation according to Japanese industrial standard which regulate the flow of air with dual airflow construction.Been designed with fixed clearance between fan and body and uses a high frquency fan for smooth and quiet air flowimg_2377img_2378


Here is the outcome of what I did using the blower brush.

1.) using the blow brush itself, I dried my hair for about 30- 45 mins considering that it’s       still resh from the shower and the amount of hair is quite thick. I can even use it to             have my ends curved a bit.

2.) The roller brush is not like other rotating brush but it perfectly made my hair neatly         curved in only 2 sectioning.

3.) frizz free curls using the air iron giving my hair a nice bouncy curls yet still with life        compare to the regular curling rod that dries out the tip of my hair that it feels sticky           when you hand comb your hair.


  • very lightweight
  • not too much hot
  • very handy
  • 3 styles in 1
  • no hot air blowing over your face
  • doesn’t dry your hair compare to regular blower
  • heat doesn’t directly hit your hair but it is distributed so the force wouldn’t be that much to your hair.
  • no burning of hair especially with air iron because we are using hot air to achieve styles.


  • I cannot find any negative feed back for this but maybe if you are use to having your hair blower and dried really quick then maybe time would be one downside for you.

So even though this hair styling tool causes less damage, I still wanted to protect my hair to avoid further loss of life and shine. I’ve been a Pantene User for so long and I use a variant that would help replenish my hair depending on the damage it have. Mine needs nourishing and protection especially that the weather here is very hot. I’ve been using their Damage Control Conditioner and this which was new to me, their Oil Replacement Leave On Cream which is so perfect for my hair. It’s been more than a month now since I started using it and I find that the tips of my hair is much more healthier with no signs of split ends compare before.   My hair is more nourish even though I used this blower brush.


I honestly don’t have the perfectly straight hair now and the reason why you don’t see me much having my hair down on my IG if you are following me. I really miss those days that I have  long straight hair and got no problems letting it all by itself. If you do have a damage free healthy hair, be contented with it whether it’s curly or straight. It’s really good to go with the trend but be sure you can handle the consequences for once  it’s damage, their is no turning back.

What’s your hair story and what solutions or product did you use?would definitely want to hear from you.

Blogging On!


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