Healthy Cravings

Living in a country of tropical beauty and humidity, savoring on a pitcher of cold chilly healthy cooler are my go to solace especially when I feel under the weather in my home country. It give’s me a kick back that I find myself indulging on everything until brain freeze kills the mood.  I was really delighted  that after a month of searching for some good place to chill and sip on a glass of cold shake, we finally found a spot just right beside Electra Park at the back of Spartan grocery store that serves great healthy drinks and food as well. All meal  are made from chicken because it’s a Muslim country, mix with vegetable that are even fresh and appetizing to look at compare to one fast food chain that we tried. Yes! I can even remember how their pickle looks like, it’s out of color and the lettuce are way to soft that you cannot even squeezed a  bit of flavor out of it.


The presentation of their food is surprisingly neat and acceptable plus artistic. The flavor is jut right and it’s really something that I can honestly binged on especially if you don’t want to gain much weight or if you’re on a diet. Their drinks are to die for! I’ts like heaven for me! They use fresh fruits for their smoothies, coolers, and juices and it’s up to you if you want it sweet,without sugar or an alternative, honey.  If you want a different one then they also have milkshakes made from your favorite chocolates like Oreo, Nutella, Galaxy etc. Juices are not like your typical servings of plain juice. They have a variety of mixtures and named like what their purpose are for like Hangover Cure, Iron booster and a lot more which is quite nice I must say.


Potato rings and assorted potato fries.
special chicken clubhouse sandwich with fries
Galaxy Crush Milk Shake
Eating would be a lot more enjoyable when shared with friends!

Been layering my clothes lately because first, it’s Ramadan and second I can wear stylish sleeveless tops without any worry. You’ll see more of it in my Instagram if you do follow me. I love how layering clothes gives me the freedom to move without worrying of myself and it’s a nice way of  brightening up a plain top to add a bit of style to suit your personality.



made of velvet fabric with 3 small divisions.

Outfit details:

Black shirt (Basics), Sleeveless top ( thrifted for 1 aed), Leggings (no brand), White sandals ( Greenhouse for 16 aed) and bag ( Golden tower for 10 aed)

Blogging on!

♥ Gizzelle ♥


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