Taking the blue’s away.

There are  good and bad things about being a loner at times but then that’s when sadness comes to lure you over depressions and all the not so good and negatives vibes that would make you suddenly miss home.

Flexible styling + harm free hair.

The “crowning Glory” as what we called it is needs to be polish and maintained healthy  always but using tons of chemical, styling products and tools can  mostly do such horror to your hair which honestly I am very guilty also.

Taking a glimpse

Being a foreign in a foreign country, it is a must that at least you must be and should be aware of their culture, history and traditions especially that you get to wake up every morning on their own territory. Their’s a lot of questions circling my head every now and then, so sometimes there are times you cannot exactly find the right answers to your own queries even on Google.

Healthy Cravings

The flavor is jut right and it’s really something that I can honestly binged on especially if you don’t want to gain much weight or if you’re on a diet. Their drinks are to die for!