♥UV’s out, youthful skin in!

Have you ever wondered why some wouldn’t mind staying out in the sun for too long or not worry getting sun spot or sunburned, especially that our face is the 1st and highest point of our body that for sure UV and harmful sun rays would be a total bulls eye for damage. I myself honestly is not a fan of sunscreens and sunblocks  because primarily, I hate the sticky feeling and let’s face the truth, i’ts expensive right?! But one way to have that youthful glow, avoid the early fine lines and pigmentation is to take into consideration your skin care routine especially protecting your skin from dangerous radicals that you might not be aware as of today and by the time it’s too late, Derma clinics will be on your budget list.


Sunblocks are formulated to protect your skin from UVB (shortwave ultraviolet) which damages the outer lining of your skin and by the “B” in UVB is to “BURN”.

Suncreens on the other hand will keep you out from UVA ( long term ultraviolet) which damages not just your skin but also your dermis, the thickest layer of our skin plus “A” in UVA is for “AGING”.

As mind boggling as it seems to be, having two products is too much to handle and slather plus the cost you have to pay especially what’s intended for the skin might be too much or not work on your face vice versa.

Now in order for you to get the best of both worlds, use a Broad spectrum protection formulated products to protect your skin from both UVB and UVA. Adding it to your daily routine will work wonders to your skin like my all new favorite moisturizer, the Kojie San’s Dream White Anti- Aging Cream with Sunscreen,Broad Spectrum SPF30! 

I’ve been a Ponds user since my high school days and it’s my most holy grail moisturizer and facial wash Brand  but sadly the variant that I am using is not available here in UAE. I had to make a wise and careful choice to which product should I get. There are alot of brands to choose from but not every expensive one’s may work for you or maybe it will but since I’ve been using Kojie san’s soap for 6 years now, just a thought maybe it would work for my skin  plus the SPF of 30 it have. As of the moment I am writing down this blog, the time is 1:34 pm and  weather here is very sunny with a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, now tell me who doesn’t need that kind of sun protection here!


Scanning over the ingredient we have Squalene, a natural substance found in olive oils praised for it’s anti cancer and skin protecting effect, Soluble Collagen  for elasticity and moisture, Glycogen to protect your skin from environmental pollution, Kojic Acid for skin lightening and Whey Protein providing your skin with ample amount of collagen to keep it firm and healthy.


The consistency is thick and creamy not too oily after application and your skin feels well moisturize. The scent is similar with those of baby powders and not over powering. The packaging is made plastic and very lightweight so tossing it over wouldn’t be a problem.


After 1 month of continuous use, Thank god my skin did not undergo major breakdown. Honestly I feel more confident to go out sometimes even without an  umbrella or cap on to hide my face. My skin had lighten up as well some of my scars. The fine lines in my forehead did lessen a bit and my skin feels supple unlike before that looks pale and dry. Also don’t forget to take your daily Vitamin C as it also helps to clear out your skin.

Does it leave a white cast during flash photography because of it’s SPF content?

Based on my experience no and it works well also under foundation. Less oiliness even after a couple of hours with the hot weather here in UAE and doesn’t feel sticky though by the end of the day.

Still thinking whether or not should I try their toner.

Leave a comment if you already tried it.

Till my next blog!



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