RED-y set luck


HOLA everyone! 

It’s been a while since I’v been MIA again on my blog and apology again  for your girl here is busy with her career and ofcourse time is just too fast here in UAE.

The weather today is strikingly hot I must say and it’s unbearable for an Asian like me even though we might have a worst summer in our own country.  The sky is crystal clear blue with no signs of clouds giving  the architectures and giant skyscrapers a sparkle of brilliance making  them more fascinating to look at.Today’s early agenda,attend a 10 units of CME training about “Advance Infection Control” together with my friends which are the same faces I’ve been with going here in UAE. (L-R) Ate Shiela, the toughest of us four, Ate Gemma,the kind hearted mom and my partner in crime Shari who is the baby of the group.


To combat the heat but still hide my skin from the harmful UV, I have to wear something comfy, loose and also atleast decent to look at especially that it’s Ramadan. Checking over the pile of clothes I have, I got 2 pairs of mix and match top bottom to chose from however out of nowhere I decided to wear this top that I just got from a thrift shop last day and I did washed it FYI, LOL. Scroll down ♥….

I don’t know if you also have that same feeling with me but whenever something catches my eyes even though it looks weird or not so fancy, still I have to buy it cause there’s like  something intended for it which I don’t have an idea either and will just keep them then wait for the right time.


Went to attend a Tagalog mass after our training and I feel very positive and motivated by what the priest said during his sermon.

“all of you wearing red today because it’s Pentecost are going to be rich!”

It’s not like your going to win the lottery or an instant luck LOL  but i’ll take it as something to inspire me to work and play hard,save and secure my future and put my plans to reality.

Today’s The 3rd day of Ramadam and my first time to experience it. I just wanna greet our Muslim friends around the world “RMADAN KAREEM / RAMADAN MUBARAK!”

Till my next blog!

Blogging again!


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