It’s been past a month now since we arrived here in Abu Dhabi and so far so good things are handled perfectly well. I get to earn and meet new friends and as days passed by I get to meet more of them which I knew would have mark in my life with something I don’t know either. Well let’s say it’s something positive, motivating and for sure I would learn much also. Everyday day or maybe during my off, me and my friend Shari would explore places that some of our flatmates would suggest us. We would usually walk because we haven’t had our own bus card and well thank got our accommodation was at the city so there are alot of shops you can go to like the Abu Dhabi Mall and ofcourse our most favorite,the thrift stores here.

Taking a bit more farther from the common roads and pedestrians we walk to, we now badly need a bus card and thank god for these two beautiful ladies, Mina and Phoebe.It was first a dilemma for the 4 of us because the Vending/Recharge Machine is having some technical error and wouldn’t accept bills. We have to look for stores that would change our bills into coins and it was literally hot! The crazy machine did function properly though when we went back to grab our card and now it accepts bills! Just in time when the bus arrived! A first of everything!

All smiles and a bit of documentation while riding the bus for the 1st time here in Abu Dhabi. We paid 2 AED only for the whole trip going somewhere to a place for sure would paid off the efforts  we had.

(L-R)  Mina, Me, Phoebe and Shari

Finally here at ” Hot Palayok” the place where Phoebe was talking about! It’s our first time buffet since the time we arrived and a celebration also plus to spoil ourselves for our first salary! The place was nice and the ambiance was very soothing. I like it when the place is not that crowded and the lighting was enough, not to bright nor dim. We paid less than 40 AED which was supposed to be 25 AED but ofcourse everything do have added tax.


grilling place










I wanna thank these 2 pretty ladies again for helping us out on that day and for bringing us here.
Ice cream time!

Black and white outfit combination for that day and I wasn’t expecting that buffet so good job self for following your instincts. FLoral long skirt thrifted for 3 AED and using my ever so trusted leather bag from Vans which is 5 or 6 year old now.



That day was full of fun and a full tummy for the 4 of us. The experience was a memorable one especially with good food and companions. Would surely get back to this place to have my Maki cravings satisfied. If you’re new here in Abu Dhabi, check out this place “ Hot Palayok” to get your pinoy food cravings pleased up to your heart’s content.

A friend also suggest the application ” Darb” to help us with our sort of transportation especially to places far enough for us to walk. It’s available for download on both Andriod and IOS and it’s very efficient for traveling. It provides you with what bus number you need to get and the time it would normally take.

 Till next time!

Blogging on!


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