Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stain

Finally! I’m back  for some reviews and it feels so good to try out new product especially hyped one’s like these lippies.

First things first, my intention was just to buy my friend the lipstick that she favored me if I could get it for her because I was gonna check out other brands also  for good deals especially that discounts are raining here everywhere. From branded bag, shoes, clothes, lingerie, makeup, name them all!

I was not that  excited at all even though they told us that those lippies only cost 25AED. My expectation was for sure they would be like old stocks or something like not much crave by makeup lovers but I was soooo wrong. It’s something that you should really hoard on to not just because of the brand name but the fact that the quality is something worth having though.  I admit! My bad for judging it so quickly but let’s start with the review.

So I bought these 3 lippies ( the plum one was for my friend) for only 25 AED (353.75 Php) each and the origial price were 75 AED (1061.25 Php)! Now tell me who wouldn’t want to hoard over these babies!? They got 15 shades from pinks,peach, orange, red,plum,nude and wine red that would totally look good on different skin tone. I was able to try out some shades and pick out what  I think would best suit me using their disposable lip applicator .Thank God for that because it did help me alot!


The packaging itself is made of plastic, very lightweight and with a matte finish. You will get 3.1 g. / 11 oz of product inside with a longevity indicator of only 12 months upon opening (see a can like indicator with a 12M  on it ). The color seen on the packaging does not depict the exact color of the product inside so better check what shade would probably suit you right.

Shades that I got are..




It has a soft doe foot applicator for easy application.

Product is both creamy and velvety when applied .Once dip goes a long way so if you’re not a fan of thick application or would want the color to tone down a bit then I suggest that you should remove some of the excess product first and add another layer until you have completely achieved the richness of the color you want.


I chose these two shades of pink because Tempting  has that nudish peachy pink  combination to it and Impulsive has a pinkish rosy plumish red tone. It’s like having best off both worlds and I love how vibrant they look. You could even do an ombre finish with it especially that it’s matte. It has  a buttery vanilla scent to it but not that overpowering and would totally fade off after application. It also dries up to matte fast and do stand up for what it claims to be matte without the sticky feeling.




After trying out the shade Tempting on the store (2 Pm),I decided to wore it for the rest of the day to see it’s staying power against dry lips (because of it’s matte finish), eating especially with oily food, drinking ,build up especially around the edges of your mouth and lastly kiss proof.

The Verdict

After 3 or let’s say it’s going 4 hours when I did check the product on my lips again….

  • I love that the packaging is made of plastic and very lightweight,I  could even  toss it in my bag.
  • The applicator spreads the product very well evenly with out the feathery finish.
  • when it say’s matte,it’s matte but not drying on your lips even though I myself have dry chappy lips.
  • it does not settle on the fine line of your lips or enhance the dryness of your lips.
  • the color is buildable but not overpowering.
  • it did not even move,build up or fade after eating (rice + pancit canton and tuna which both are oily) and drinking warm tea with milk.
  • after eating something oily, I tried kissing the back of my hand twice and no kiss mark was left.

My lips after 5 hours still stained with the lipsick. 

Lipstick + lipstain = ♥ 


Would definitely purchase another shade or two! I cannot find any cons to this product to tell you guys but if you want an update feel free to ask me on the comment section below.

I bought them at Victoria’s Secret, Abu Dhabi Mall and the sale will last on April 9. The SA told me that they are not sure if they would stock up again on some of the products but it would be until supplies last. So if you’re staying within the area, grab your’s earlier so that you could have more shades to choose from.

Till my next blog!

Blogging again!


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