Palm Sunday

March seems to passed very quickly and so far so good my adjustments are getting better. Been learning some basic Arab language from people whom I’ve met whenever I get to stay with my patient and they are a very welcoming family. My job being a nurse here is honestly somewhat tiring but I guess that’s the start of getting yourself in with all the things you badly need to know.

Now thinking about what to do during my off duty days troubles me but I am not in a way complaining about it and I am not a workaholic also but just a little OCD. I am not the kind of person who’s fond of sleeping and even though my eyes are dead tired my brain seems like it did take a lot of caffeine ( Not a coffee person) so now here I am writing down another blog of my 1st Palm Sunday here in UAE.

I did almost forgot about the Holy Week but good thing some of my flatmates here mentioned about going to church and finally I get to attend a mass after being MIA. Me and 3 of my friends rode a taxi for 20 AED to St. Therese Church which is just beside a beautiful Mosque.



We got ourselves free palm leaves but not exactly the same one in my home country. I was really surprised to see different nationality getting together,waiting for the mass to start. I was expecting that all coming are Filipino but not and it’s a very delightful thing to see all united to celebrate one Catholic Faith.



Before we head home, we had to stop by some Filipino street food like barbecue’s, kwek-kwek, lumpia  etc.

For my Palm Sunday OOTD , top and skirt are thrifted when I was still in the Philippines. Credits to my fried SHARI for the shot.Travelling with me here in UAE are my go to jelly shoes and Vietnam bag again. They do not have a dress code here base on what I see. You just have to look descent that’s all.



My spirit is more at ease now that at last I was able to attend a Sunday mass. Please excuse my face, I just arrived home this morning from work and photo was taken at around 6:04 in the evening but the sun here is still too bright.

Til my next blog!

Blogging on!


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