It’s been several weeks now since I wrote something or maybe a month I guess and now that you are reading this, I am now an Independent girl in a foreign country. I’ve been very busy processing my papers and attending other sort of stuff that are required for the job that I am applying for and far from my expectations and my agency ,I was granted and approved earlier! The whole process should take only a minimum of 6 months but counting from the last time I did, it did take me only 4 months.

Some say I don’t need to work because things are well better at my home country and being homesick is the worst feeling that you have to fight out for the whole 2 years. Yes, you’ve read it right. I’ve chosen to face the challenges out of the comfort zone I have and my parents build me to keep me safe. There are instances that I question myself ” have I lost my mind?” but then I wanted to grow more not just within my territory.

I’ve heard all sort of stories may it be sad or a successful one and others say that it’s like a game of luck. It might sound scary but how would you know your own game if you wouldn’t try it. No one knows what may come the next month or so and that’s how life is. You just need to know the rule and follow the obliged precautions to win the game.

A strong faith and a prayer are my two most prized possessions here in UAE, like a shield and sword that would protect me in my everyday life. To grant me a healing hand to ease the pain and sorrow of the patient that I am caring for and bring back health may it be physical or emotional.

I’ts not that tough adjusting to new people here and I’ve also earned new friends. Goods and other stuff here are very cheap, just make sure not to convert it into peso. Got our comfort food “Jollibee” near our accommodation so it kinda feels like home also.


Till my next blog again.

Blogging on!




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  1. Rose Saniti says:

    Goodluck on your new endeavor! I admire your courage to get out of your comfort zone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gizzelle Galvan says:

      So kind of you! Thanks alot. They say it’s not that easy but it really depends on how you manage things and handle your emotions. You gotta be flexible.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rose Saniti says:

        It’s only difficult in the beginning, but you’ll get used to it somehow! 😀


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