Today’s CNY (Short for chinese new year) plan was supposed to be strolling the busy streets of Binondo again with a friend/roommate of mine 7 years ago. I wanna see some dragon dance and for sure there would be alot of them in different colors and sizes! However that morning I kinda change my mind thinking, how can we enjoy that day if all we’re going to do is stand and get all stinky with the crowd around us. Now our second option is to meet at SM Mall of Asia because it’s nearer and less hassle for both of us.

I’m still feeling the CNY spirit here even though I did not make it to Binondo and there are alot of activities happening  like a Dog show because it’s year of the “Earth Dog”. Not a bad idea after all. If you’re following me on my Ig then you’ll know that I am an animal lover and dogs are my weakness!



You know girls would never miss the makeup section in every mall and well a shameless mirror shot if you happen to passed by a full size.


On our way to MOA’s Bay Area Amusement Park because finally the sun is cooling itself down! Evidence of excitement as seen in the photo.


Found a perfect spot on this artificial grass where we just sit, chill, sip on our fresh lemonade, and get to talk more about our experiences. I’m so happy that we did finally had the chance to meet after so many plans for a meet up but didn’t happen.I got to see a dragon dance up closed too  and of course some photos for the Gram.






So for my outfit, I just realize how chinese- sy my look was. Sleeveless top was formerly a cold shoulder top that I cut out the sleeves and hand sewn. I really loved the texture that even though it’s kinda thick,it’s soft and cool to wear. My black square pants is another good find from a thrift shop for only 20 Php.  I love that zero sweaty legs feeling it give after a long walk.Flats are from Parisian and using my go to Backpack.

Ending the day with this beautiful transition of the sky and huge Ferris wheel. That was a day well spent and a good decision for both of us. Hoping to see you again Queenie!

Ending my blog with a quote from “TED the bear”

“Friendship is not about being inseparable, but about being separated and knowing nothing will change.”

Blogging again.


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