Binondo, known for it’s Chinese Infrastructures and the oldest Chinatown in the country is the perfect place to check out for the upcoming Chinese New Year this 2018. It’s an another First time place for me to visit and well I’m really excited to head out and see what this place have besides what I read and see all about it in the web. I don’t usually stay long here in Manila so better grab the time while I still have to explore places I could possible reach.Staying in the South, my brother and I rode a bus with a Sta. Cruz sign on it. The fare cost as I remember less than 50php and it’s an hour ride going there. Lucky for us the traffic was not that busy so travelling was very smooth.The bus would stop exactly at Sta. Cruz church but make sure to tell the bus conductor to inform you once you’ve arrived at the place. Getting off the bus, we walk straight in front of the church because the bus drop us beside it. In front Sta.Cruz church, you will see a big old fountain and then the Entrance to Chinatown. Be cautious when crossing the street because it’s a busy area in there. Along the way, you will see some jewelry shop,Chinese stores of course,various fruits, tikoys,charms and etc.


Working our way to Lucky Chinatown Mall, we just folowed “ONG PIN Sreet” because we saw some recent photos of it with colorful Lanterns.


After a long walk, you’ll end up at Binondo Church. Now walk going to it’s left when you’re facing the church and then you’ll pass by some bank’s ( forgot what it was) and now turn right. You need to cross the street by that time then walk straight again passing by a short bridge and finally you’ll arrive at Lucky Chinatown Mall.

Colorful Lanterns inside and outside the mall.

Assorted stuff also for the upcoming Valentines Day.




Represent happiness and prosperity, status and authority and health and longevity.

For my OOTD, top is thrifted for 20php and paired with my highwaist shorts. Backpack for hands free stroll around the area but be cautious of pickpocketers around.

My OOTD for that day.

Going home we passed by Luneta park! Another First time place also. I get to see the area around and also the National Photobomber (the building) at the back of RIzal’s statue.


Backpack is from Vietnam and wore my jelly shoes incase the weather might rain so better safe than sorry.

Another OOTD shot to choose from.

Happy to finally visit this place and see more than what’s on our plan. Time to go home and I wanna thank my brother for my photos!


We were planning to visit Divisoria but we did not pushed through thinking it would really rain but it did not.

If you happen to visit Divisoria, is it really safe now to shop there? comment below if you did.

Blogging again!


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