Hustle Bustle

A Busy Bee would be the perfect description for myself these past couple of days.Waking up before sunrise like 4 am and hustling to get on an an early bus trip so that I could arrived earlier than the exact given time,then jumping over to another location to file up the needed documents for the next. I’m not used to this busy city life and well not much familiar with all the places I’ve been but luckily, I always approach people kind enough to give me the right directions I needed.

Riding the bus, jeep and ofcourse LRT which is not the most convenient (crowded) yet I could work my way out of the traffic are mostly my go to sort of transportation. Humidity and pollution also are some of my enemies when travelling and so I really need to make myself comfortable and presentable at the same time.

Lately I’ve been using my Essence foundation to fight the oiliness because of it’s matte finish and I’ve also mentioned it in my past blog (essence). For the brows, I am using Yoyoso’s brow pencil  and I like it because it’snot waxy and it do last long. I have the full review about it in this link → click me

For the Lips, I prefer a lip stain (KJM in BLOODSHOT) because it’s easy to apply especially when your in a rush and I just top it off with a maybelline lip balm to hydrate my lips for the whole day. If your following me on Instagram, then you might wonder why I always tie my hair up or in a Bun for the reason that it’s not the ideal length to just let it all by itself and in a not so good condition so sorry for not being so stylish with it. I’m just still patiently waiting for it to add an inch more maybe a month more or 2 so that I can have it repaired.


For my outfit, Top is from baclaran that I got 2 for 150. Paired with my  thrifted square pants which I got for only 20 PHP! I’ve been eyeing to buy one and here it is for a very cheap price with such a good quality, very comfortable to wear, got the right length and it’s highwaisted! I love how it accentuate my long legs making me look more taller. Flats are from Parisian and Bag is from Vietnam that my father gave me. Oh and I am wearing a non graded specs that I got from Baclaran just to add some smarty look to my whole outfit and hide my eyes from dust.



Shot my outfit at my aunt’s house already because I have no time to for a photo shoot and hell scared to use my camera in public. So better safe than sorry.

For bloggers or readers out there, can you suggest me how you do your photos shoot alone. Would love to learn from you. Damn so hard when you do this stuff alone and especially, I don’t have my tripod with me.

Blogging on!


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