DIY Tinted eyebrow for less than 10PHP!!


I have black hair that I recently dyed using black henna and with that I am not sure if the color payoff of brown or other shade of hair dye would look good on dyed hair like brown.

This would look natural looking and best for people with bushy or semi bushy eyebrows so I suggest to stop over plucking your eyebrows.


First thing that you wanna do before trying this is to Check yourself if you have an allergy to henna! Prevention is better than cure!

Ask yourself if you do have the guts to do this thing properly several times. Remember that once you did applied it over your brows and it dries up, it would take 3-4 days before it can be totally wash off. Make sure you know your eyebrows well and how far you would go doing it. Take it slowly and little by little. I myself would prefer to do it on my own rather than blame others for the unpleasant outcome.

Let’s Begin!!

  1. Materials we will be needing are..
black henna powder that I got for 8 PHP . Will do for several uses.
slanted eyebrow brush. I also used another brush with a spoolie at the end. Make sure it’s not that thick so you could control the amount of product being applied.
A mixing bowl. Showing you the amount of product that you just need for both eyebrows.

2.The texture should be creamy and not watery or else it would drip off to your eyes! When adding water, do it little by little again or else your’e going to have the full sachet used up. The henna would look a bit mossy at first but would turn out black after a couple of min.


3. Do it under natural lighting. It would be easier for you to check how dark you want your eyebrows would be and make sure your’e using a mirror that’s not tricky looking.


4. . To avoid alteration and define how far your eyebrows would be, draw your eyebrows first like how you would normally do it. Outline the outer part with a concealer  then using a cotton swab, slowly erase all the product inside.


my natural eyebrows .

5. mix the product again using your brush then get a small amount. try it first on a tissue so that you could have an idea how large and define your brush swipe would look like when applied. Start from the center going out. I might suggest not going over your brow hair. Let it dry first before applying another  then once your’e contented,apply the product left on your brush to the inner section.


6. Use your finger to check if the product is totally dry. It would normally take 3 min depending on the amount you applied. Using a wet cotton ball, rub it off in a swiping motion going left and right. Rub it softly then use a dry cotton ball to pat it off dry. Do it again and again until there is no more stain of henna on your wet cotton ball.





I also did my mom’s eyebrows but her eyebrows were so far apart that I didn’t attempt to fill it in because it would really look unnatural.


It lasted for me more than a week and well I got a lot of good compliments about how good my eyebrows look like. What’s good with it is that I don’t have to do my eyebrows everyday or when I am in a rush. I can swim without worrying about them and it saves a lot of time also.

What do you think about it? would you try it out also?

comment below if you have tried it?

Blogging on!


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