Red Riding hood

I am the type of person whom when you check her wardrobe would have such small selection of red toned clothes. You could even count them with your fingers. The hue is just too strong for my personality and well bright ofcourse. Stumbling upon this red flowery balloon dress that is not much of a fame and looks very classic, I just cannot find something in it that I would really like.I even thought of cutting the bottom part so it would fall straight down but I’m kinda on the feeling of regretting it at the end and so I just kept it at my closet just in case I would find the the right occasion to wear it.


Too much flowery details on it but that’s what makes this dress lovely and elegant looking. The fabric is soft and sheer like a chiffon fabric, it do have an inner lining so it’s not that translucent. Giving it a second look, here are the styles I came up with and thank God, I did not even attempt to cut the end part because it did help maintain the bottom hem in place.


The dress itself is beautiful on it’s own if you want that carefree style but I did add a belt  just so that it would accentuate my waist and make my legs look longer because the belt did cut some inch on the length of the dress and I love how this look after.



For that office look, I pair it with a black bandage skirt. It’s not that crowded inside or lumpy looking because the material like what I said is soft and sheer so it would be very flexible to what you put on top of it. I also did fold the flower part on the sleeves to hide them and top it out with my white coat for a more sophisticated and bossy look.


Lastly is tucking it in my high waist short. I never thought they would really look better together. I like that casual yet on style look that it came out with. I would love to pair it out with my white sneaks, a sling bag and some big hoop earring. Comfiest on style! Thinking about wearing it on Dinagyang festival. What do you think? It would be option 4 because I got a pile of match clothes to choose from.

Till next blog again.

Blogging on!

♥Gizzelle ♥

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