Never let the child in you sleep ♥

♥Yesterday’s Homily was all about the upcoming Cultural Festival  ” DINAGYANG” in honor of ST. Nino and the arrival of the Malay here in Panay, Philippines. Not every country can celebrate such occasion according to the priest  because the Philippines is the only country that the Pope granted and given the permission to held such a huge event like in CEBU (Sinulog), KALIBO ( ati-atihan) and ILOILO ( Dinagyang).

Santo Niño which is the Spanish name for Christ Child symbolize every children around the globe and that they should have the  freedom to live and enjoy the stage that they are in right now. As adult, we have our own childhood days but there are instances in life  that sometimes we just need to jump out and face responsibilities that are way to heavy for us to carry hence we forgot the child we should be.Never let that child with in us sleep because YOLO ( you only live once) so let that inner child in you enjoy! I know we should take life seriously but a day of being a child I guess is not bad at all right ?! What’s also funny about the priest’s homily about Dinagyang is that “people  shout VIVA SENIOR STO.NINO with Beer in their hands”!OK, that did made me realize that it’s really a wrong doing  for how many years and I just realized it just today! OMG! Now for those of you going, better have a bit of respect I guess, all fun but atleast be mindful of your actions and stay safe!

Sunday’s OOTD! A jean dress that I find weird looking because of the bottom hemline. It got a curvy cut, like the center front part is longer than the sides. To change my perspective to it, I added a patch because it’s too plain! Now I feel like those student in a foreign school here in my country.


For my makeup, plain and simple!

  • Foundation I used is the Essence stay all day in the shade #10 soft beige. Did gave it a try again and now I’m loving it! It has a medium to full coverage, like one pump is too much for my face that I sometimes use it as a concealer only and it’s matte so setting it with powder is not needed.
  • For my brows, I just fill in some gaps using the etude brow pencil and because I’ve already filled them in with a trick that I found on Youtube that doing my brows takes a min only. Comment on this blog if you wanna know what I did to achieve a semi permanent like for a week brows. Great for those water adventurers.
  • I just contoured my face and nose to bring back some color using Ever Bilena’s blush and contour set.I also use the blush on top of the contour.
  • Highlighter is my favorite LOL as always! Click here to read my review ⇒. Love at first swipe ♥
  • For my lips,I always use a lip and cheek tint but for a change I tried using a lipstick again and it’s  Ever Bilena’s  supreme lipstick in the shade  “KYLIE”. Very mauvish in color. Just a piece of advice for those who wanna start their own makeup collection, I would suggest that you check our local beauty counter because they got alot of good products rather than spend on fake branded makeup. Think about your skincare too.It’s better to invest on making your skin healthy first than start hitting the makeup aisle.
My face is more slimmer now compared last time. The trick is to control your intake especially Carbs!


Still thinking if I should go to Dinagyang Festival or not.

There’s a tug of war in me between my childish side who wanna enjoy the outdoor fun and the “Tita side” saying ” I’ts too tiring!” Anyway’s you’ll know it in the blog if I did go and if you’re following me on my IG account.

Blogging on!


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