Different looks from an old coat♥

♥ I don’t know if you can consider this a trench coat or somewhat a raincoat but either way this dress is a piece worth having. The material is not that thick but would have some insulation for the cold weather and well not warm enough for the sunny weather. I might consider this a great deal for a piece that could do several styles right! If not worn, 1st thing that you would say is, “hmmmmm what is this? weird? not suited for my country? what will I do with it?” and yes I dump it like the other one that I mentioned in the previous blog. There are just times that this little brain of mine create something out of nowhere, like calculating numbers with solutions and VIOLA!!!!


Isn’t it cute and so fashionable! My kind of fashion style like what I see on European countries let’s say France or Italy!


Look sporty and edgy inside out. Would definitely give you an illusion of slimmer body.




Yup! A tube dress for that beach glamour look! The ties help to cut and give dimension between the upper and lower body plus brings out the ribbon like design that I did using the sleeves.I did make sure that the buttons are secured properly and yes I can still breathe.



Being different nowadays is not a big issue. You should be proud of yourself because you weren’t just on the comfort side of yourself. Fashion should not be on the trendy collection always but be brave to experiment and stand out from others.

Tell me your thoughts on the comment section. I would Love to read it. Ending my blog again with a fashion quote.

“Why Fit in when you were born to stand out” ♥

Dr. Seuss.

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