Looks using Men’s Casual Shirt

Lately I’ve been into men’s clothing especially those with collars. I like it when you have those spaces between your skin and the fabric. Maybe everything changes when you start to be a “Tita” na. It means nearing or being a grown up or adult yet not married.

Now I got this top from a bale of thrifted clothes I ordered and I just kinda dumped it because it’s not even my size and it looks manly like for men literally. It did take quite some time for me to realize that this top can be fashionable too. So grab your old collar top or maybe your BF/ Hubby, experiment with what sort of style you can come up with but here’s mine!

How it looks like.

I added a patch to add some color or life to it. Patches are fashion saver especially with stained clothes. Be smarty Looking.

img_2195 First Look


Second Look

Use it as a Tie front Crop Top over a revealing / plunging neckline dress.


Third Look


Inspired by Nadine Lustre ♥ Totally so hooked up with hoop earrings lately! They add some sophistication to a plaon look that sometimes you wouldn’t need to have a full glam makeup.

That’s all for this blog! I still have another one coming and so far I’ve been enjoying this kind of game. Comment if you too have the same game as I have because I would Love to check it out  and find some inspiration from it.

Ending my blog with a Fashion Quote.

“I think there is beauty in everything, What normal people perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.”

Alexander Mcqueen ♦



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