IG best Nine of 2017 ♥

Instagram is one of the top highest rave social media platforms nowadays especially with the aesthetic game going on. I salute those people with their creativity and how they can maintain their feed with such a good aesthetic.

I consider it as something like an art book  that gives me so much Ideas, brings out the creativity in me and artistic side and helps me to make my work better. I remember way back in my childhood, I would paint something on a bond paper or copy an anime character which I am very addicted to. Then I would compile them on a folder and keep them because I don’t want all of them to get dirty and whenever I feel like doing one again, I would scan through it to get some motivation and inspiration. Hmmm thinking about it now, I forgot where all of it went.


Presenting my top 9 and I am very proud of myself for all of these.

1.) 106 Likes-102 likes- 92 likes The top most 3 are one makeup look and an inspiration         for Halloween 2017. I do have a blog about how I did this look and If you wanna                  know just click this » Bloody Riot .

2.) 89 Likes left centered I just love makeup that whenever I find an inspo I would like         do it to myself, take some shots and share it.

3.) 83 Likes center – as much as I love makeup, fashion is next on my list. It’s                             sometimes so hard to have nobody take your photos. For sure you know how that              feels but thank god for sensor cameras!

4.)70 Likes right centered Times when you feel the light and your dress coincide, you            gotta take that photo. I was also surprise that Tim Yap gave it a ♥.

5.) 63 Likes right lower .Wore my off shoulder top for the first time plus my wall that              time is newly painted white so I was blending in with the clean canvas.

6.) 60 likes bottom center. Taking some confidence and feeling bad ass with my thrifted         top. Well it’s not like you can see or buy something like this top so ” WHO RUN THE             WORLD, GIRLS!!”.

7.) 55 likes bottom right. Ask mom to take a whole body photo for my OOTD because              I’m feeling Parisian-ish.

That sums up my Best Nine for 2017! I don’t have much followers and likes compared to other and if you don’t believe me see my Instagram account for yourself but I am thankful for those people who do follow me for the reason maybe that they wanted to be updated, see my creativity and other reasons that you have or leave me a comment of what are those,I would really appreciate it!

Comment below your Ig account and I would love to check it out!

Till next time again.

Blogging on!





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