Yule ♥

“Its the most, wonderful timeeeee of the year!!!!”

The Day wherein we  commemorate the birth of our savior and the true reason behind why we really celebrate Christmas, not with what we have on the table, parties and the gifts.

We do not usually prepare much on Christmas eve because we always have a Yearly Thanksgiving Party held exactly on the 25th. It’s our way of giving back to people who have been very helpful and generous to us for the whole year. For the gift of family, unexpected blessings, good health of each and everyone and a lot more to be thankful of. Gift giving between family members is not much of our thing but my father told me that we should give it to people who need it the most or to children who didn’t receive gifts from Santa. Gifts that should be of good use to their daily lives or something not just for nothing.

Our main highlights always for that day is making the children happy through games. We had a lot of fun that day and the laughter was very contagious like my jaws hurt after! It was a very tiring day like every year end but then seeing them happy and hearing all those laughter heals the pain you feel.



Be the source of happiness for other people. May it be small or big, what matters most is that it comes wholeheartedly from you.  Christ was born on a manger yet he is the son of god and the king of all kings. Let us be grateful for another gift of life and for another year to face.

I want to thank everyone who have been with me on my journey this 2017.For those people who have knock me down and to those who pick me up and mend my broken pieces. For the unconditional love you have given me and for joining the crazy things I did. Most importantly, I wanna thank God and every people living and who have passed away for teaching me what life should be. Opening my eyes to what is right and humane and believing that dreams will turn into reality someday. For blessing my father and the whole crew to finally locate the lost submarine off the coast of Papua New Guinea, finish their work earlier than expected and was able to celebrate Christmas with us. Blessed are the souls of the 35 Australian crew who died year 1914 during the World War I. May their souls rest in peace now for the world have remembered them.


Blogging on!


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