Land of a Tragic Love Story

I know everyone can relate that as one grows old, everything changes and it’s totally true. We used to go out on a date at the mall or somewhere within the city, have long walks together and we never get tired. Things change when you hit the line of 27 up! You get all cranky and impatient with the busy streets, loud noisy music,complain of achy feet and you’re body starts to look for something quiet. Things you were used to started to fade and you face the what so called “The Adulthood phase”.

Now instead of hitting the bar and have a wild night or feast on various menus, we decided to go somewhere far from the city. The boyfriend decided that we should go to ” Sira an Hot Spring” which is located at Anini-y, Antique. It is the perfect place for those who wanna relax, get some fresh air and the highlight is the sulfuric water that’s very therapeutic for people with achy problems like rheumatism.It’s an hour and a half drive from San Jose Antique where you will pass by some rice fields and of course  long beautiful rocky coastline. You can see the beautiful transition of the sea from grey to emerald green to deep blue.The weather is a sunless kind of day so I wouldn’t have a hard time taking photos and getting sunburned.



Staff there are very friendly and accommodating especially when we have a hard time at the parking area because some people maybe do not know how to read that the left side is for large vehicles and motorcycles should be on the right.

Entrance cost 60 Php per head and for the cottage is 500 Php which is too big for just the two of us.


An old folklore portrayed at their wall about a forbidden love affair between a daughter of a royalty named “Anini ” and a farmer’s son ” Nogas”. Their love affair didn’t end well for Nogas was killed and the body that was thrown in the sea became an island which is what I am pointing out and the hot spring was from Anini’s body. Even though they had a tragic ending, still even death cannot put them apart .



The cafeteria is located at the left side of the entrance, the building looks old but have that reggae vibes inside it. They serve affordable meals which taste really good and liquors are available as well. Food is delivered and served warm by their staff.




In front of the cafeteria they have this huge pool with a slide that is prohibited for use.


Nogas Island from afar that you can visit too!


View from below. Our cottage was the 4th one and because it’s just the two of us for this day trip, we left our clothes and other stuff there without worries because we can see it clearly from far. I did bring with me my valuables,so in case you plan to go here better have someone to look over your stuff. I manage to secure everything and still enjoy this trip and did take a lot of photos.img_0601-4



kiddie pool with cool water
the tank area is where the hot spring water is available
such a lovely hue ♥
it feels soo good soaking up on this hot spring water looking at this vast sea.


That’s it for this blog! Time for us to go home now!

Till next time!

Blogging on!


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