Hey You!

Sunday which is the Lord’s Day is always a special day for me. I always look forward for this day to go to church unlike mass held during weekdays. I felt that it’s a responsibility that I should always do so as a christian and because of the people that taught me the importance of hearing mass. Whenever I listen to the bible reading or to the priest sermon, I try to reflect it in myself, seek answers and contemplate on it. It helps me to find that peace of mind, see things clearly in a foggy day and learn to forgive as well to forget. It’s hard to do but why not let go of the things that can stain your body and soul.

Following the old school rule dress code, I chose a white collar mesh top  and my black A-line skirt to give me that descent smarty girl look. For the skirt, I love that “Hey” word on the left side, the fabric is quite thick but not heavy so I am very comfortable that nothing will be seen without my permission. The white top is not that see through and has a button lock at the neck part at the back. For the shoes, I wore my jelly flats with a huge ribbon on it that I got for 120 Php only! I should have hoard over this jelly flats before because quality have won my heart compare to those that I have from the mall! Use my favorite faux fur sling bag to carry my personal stuff and because it matches my outfit very well. Tied my hair up so that I can look more neat and polish and I am all set to see our Great Ruler!


” Top ( thrifted ), Skirt ( thrifted ),faux fur sling bag ( thrifted), Jelly shoes (Local store) “

 I sometimes ask myself, how come people can’t give one day to see the Lord but can manage their time for earthly stuff?

Do you also have questions in your mind?

Bloggng on!


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